Kids On Sunday

“Happiness is not something ready made. It comes from your own actions.” -Dalai Lama

Big news in the way of everyday life here in Montana is finally cracking and buying a heated water dispenser for the chicken coop. Gone are the days of slamming the rubber bowl on the ground to break the ice loose and seeing my mother’s Golden Retriever, Quinn, flaunt the huge icy block around the yard (though I’ll miss the latter).

The horses are nearly crystallized in the morning, wearing winter all over them like they’ve managed themselves into powdered sugar. The steam from their heated water trough mixed with their breath makes all sorts of wispy designs in the early hour. But just as the sun peeks over the Sapphire Mountains they position themselves toward it and wish its heat to their bodies, as do I, on the drive to work. What felt like a sun drought since the start of the year now feels like a great reprieve, filling our home with a warm glow despite the subzero temps that strong-arm any glimmer of spring. It’s much too early to even speak of that lovely word but I’ll write it once more – spring!

In other big news, we’ve brought two Nubian Goats to our little paradise. The doe, Shadoe, is black and white and the perfect resemblance of the emoticon with the heart eyes. She loves Chris. It was love at first sight, truly. We named her Shadoe because, well, it was quickly obvious. The buck, Willoughby, is buckskin in color with patches of gray and white. He’s not quite used to so much human contact so he’s a been a bit standoffish but sweet. Since they arrived home they’ve been trailing Chris throughout his chores around the yard. Chopping wood seems to be their favorite. You know what they say, you can’t just have one wood chip!

So here we are, midwinter – a full house, full of love.


The first photo of our first-ever goat, Shadoe


A few moments after she (top step) and Willoughby met


Raven, before the sun touched her


Or her nose…


Ms. Personality, Lucy


Taking in their new world


Goat Master himself


“Just lemme get one sniff” – Lucy



Trying to take a nibble of my coat – caught!


Follow the leader



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