Peacekeepers On Sunday

“To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people exist, that is all.” – Oscar Wilde

Oh our Beatrice has found herself a war zone in our peaceful corner of the world. First, escaping the talons of some bird of prey, presumably. Second, brutally attacked by her fellow hens. Third, shunned completely from the coop after a few weeks of cat bed stealing and recovery. And yesterday, face to face with a grim future as she stared out at a fiery fox who was steps away from our porch.

Luckily for Beatrice, Chris and I are the peacekeepers of our place. All of our animals are under our wings, their lives equal. We jumped from our slumber and trailed the alarming sound of her cackling and opened the door into our home as her escape. The fox jogged away, unafraid thanks to our unaware dogs. So there she sat, alone on our stairs, taking shelter under my arm when I took a seat next to her.

Nature is an unapologetic mother who heals and hunts. Today, thankfully, we heal. And cherish the light when it hits us just right, like when we’re hugging our lab or bringing in fresh eggs. Or the way my boys light up when I say let’s go inside after a long day of cleaning up the house and building new fence. Let’s live and let live and find peace where we can.

Happy Monday! Nothing but sunshine forecasted for the next few days.


Hello, Saint Mary’s Peak


The stunning intruder


Looking West from our living room at the beginnings of a bluebird day


Sunday morning dance with Timber


Ah, spring is near. MUD. Sweet mud.


Does it get any cuter? My boys


Breakfast, courtesy of our ladies.


6 thoughts on “Peacekeepers On Sunday

  1. HELEN AGRO says:

    Poor Beatrice. Sounds like high school crap. The picture of the fox is outstanding and beautiful. Know he’s mean but he looks gorgeous. All your pictures and writing are outstanding .
    I always look forward to your blogs.


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