Lions & Lambs: March in Montana

“Kid, you’ll move mountains.” – Dr. Seuss

It feels good to be back at the keyboard after somewhat of a hiatus. Spring, despite the current snowfall, has arrived! Surrounding pastures are peppered with the beautiful black lumps of newborn calves, birds are chirping, farmers are plowing their fields. The air smells of dirt and manure and it’s absolute bliss. The days are a mix of sun, wind, snow, and rain. It’s twenty in the morning and fifty in the afternoon. It’s every season every day for probably the rest of the month. It’s all lions and lambs and not telling which came first or who will be last.

Chris and I are elated to be back outside taking care of our yard, finishing up fall projects and finally, finally getting ahead of the animals. For a while it felt like they were ruling over us. The goats were climbing the wood stacks, jumping off the chicken coop, using our front porch as their gymnasium. Our shunned chicken was living in our horse trailer because the fox was lurking around our house every night. It was chaos. Today, the chickens have made amends and live peacefully in their coop, together. The goats have their own designated area that opens up into the horse pasture, adding a whole new level of entertainment to their daily shenanigans.

I’ve been taking the dogs on hikes and the horses to the arena. Chris is at work on our barn for our June wedding. He amazes me with his knowhow and determination. This weekend we are having a barn-raising party, like how folks did way back when. We are getting our burn permit so we can torch our raked leaves and hay and kiss the mess of winter goodbye.

There is so much to look forward to in the coming weeks – more horseback riding, horses shedding their winter coats, muddy paws in and out of the house, spring cleaning continued. And maybe, though I don’t necessarily hope for it, maybe getting to bottle feed another calf whose mother chose the stronger twin. Nature isn’t forgiving but she sure is beautiful when she comes by way of thick eyelashes and a black velvety coat and tiny hooves.

Something inside me has come alive again. Like a bear emerging from her den, stepping out into the light.


Chris using his new router. Notice the need for two hands! Thing is a beast.


Timber & Steve snuggling on a 50 degree day


Our breakfast nook. A project I took on once I was too sore to keep raking outside.


5 thoughts on “Lions & Lambs: March in Montana

  1. aHorseForElinor says:

    I’m getting curious how things will look after spring. With harsh winters, there’s usually an entirely different landscape, no actually, a whole different world, emerging once the snow is gone. From what I can tell in your posts, you will make the very best of it! 🙂


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