Dog (& Chick) Days Of Spring

“Let it be.” – Paul McCartney

These past couple of weeks have been a long slow breath that whispers let it be. It’s been difficult getting on without our mischievous Murphy at our sides. His presence was such a light in our life, one that has left us with a hole in our hearts. His little corner of our property is a wooden cross against the bluest, wildest, biggest sky there is.

Let it be.

On a whim on a Sunday we brought home 5 more chicks to replenish our backyard flock, and we’ve been diligent about protecting them from the red demon in the fields. Their little peeps and bodies are bringing us some much needed joy while we wait out a windy cold spell. Before bed you’ll find us in the red-lit shed peering over the edge of their trough, ooo-ing and ahhh-ing at their precious little lives.

The horses have been put back to work full-time, lunging and groundwork after my work days and riding 2-3 times per week. Today, Easter, will be our first official trail ride of the season! Happy Easter, readers! I’m being a little ambitious and bringing my DSLR camera out horseback today to capture some through-the-ears shots of the warming landscape of our favorite trail at Bass Creek (the bottom of the mountain on the right in the first photograph).

We’re promised it’ll warm up this week, which will mean readying for our vegetable and flower gardens, picking up loads of gravel and soil and going full steam ahead on the barn. And more trail riding! For those of you wanting to know a bit more about trail riding out West or just interested in seeing the kinds of trails we are lucky enough to ride, visit often! I can barely contain my excitement for revisiting favorite spots and hauling to new ones including an organized trail ride hosted by a backcountry group in Plains, MT next month (one that Chris is opting out of to happily indulge on a surprise trip to Vegas with friends). Not to worry, there is fun to be had with girls and horses right here in Montana. Yeehaw!


New fire pit for our campfire rehearsal night this June


Raven, left and Lucy, right


3 week old Barred Rock chick


Welcome, Speckled Sussex 2 month old chicks!


2 week old California Grey chick


2 week old Speckled Sussex chick


Our sweet lady, Shadoe


Rides through the refuge with our Timber girl



The refuge looking a little more like spring


3 thoughts on “Dog (& Chick) Days Of Spring

  1. Lisa Gordon says:

    Oh my goodness, those little chicks are just precious.
    It sounds like you have lots of work and FUN to look forward to, this spring and summer.
    I look so forward to seeing the “through the ears” photographs.
    A belated, but very sincere, Happy Easter!


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