May I Always Be The Kind Of Person My Dog Thinks I Am

“All his life he tried to be a good person. Many times, however, he failed.
For after all, he was only human. He wasn’t a dog.”
― Charles M. Schulz

It’s amazing what Sundays can do for the soul. They are, for me, as they should be – sacred. It’s usually a portrait of Chris and I starting our day in conversation, sprawled on the carpet and calling Timber over to us, to which she answers by dragging herself across the floor in a last effort of trying not to get up. These Sundays smell like pancake batter and eggs and they end up in a heap on the couch – relaxed, rejuvenated.

Our property is in full bloom, becoming more and more lush and vibrant with every passing day. I’m wearing my first sunburn like it’s going out of style, savoring the sting when the shower water hits me. The magazine I work for had a little get-together in Missoula a few nights ago and one of the hosts said it had been 200 and something days since the last 70 degree day. We all shuttered and turned our faces toward the sun. Anyone who lives in Montana will agree, it’s worth every minute of cold for our 3 months of complete heavenly bliss.

We’ve been our absolute busiest in the last 10 days: making substantial progress on the barn, taking a soap making glass, weeding the gardens, landscaping the goat paddock (yes, really), saving Montana’s state bird (the Meadowlark) after she hit our living room window, and lastly, today, helping out the humane society where we rescued our Timber in a research stress test involving us fostering a sweet (very mischievous) little Chihuahua named Scamp. It’s a full-heart feeling seeing a little 4 pound puppy run out of his kennel and make way into a strangers’ arms with no reservations.

Our horses and the goats have all made it to the vet and are ready for another year of good living. Shadoe, our doe, got a sonogram but no babies in that belly just yet! When she is pregnant we’ll continue our research in all things “kidding” and ready ourselves for the milking process so we can make cheese and soap, for starters. This year we’ll keep gaining ground on our way to becoming more sustainable and harvesting or raising our own goods. We’ve been spoiled by truly local food and learning more about where our food and products come from, which is also why we’re so excited for our guests to enjoy a taste of Montana – in all respects! – next month for our wedding. They’ll be eating bison burgers from our neighborhood herd among many other tasty treats and locally sourced products! As the song says, Meet Me in Montana.


Left wing taking shape!


Scamp. Could he get any cuter? No, we won’t be keeping him but I’m 150% sure he’ll get adopted very soon.


Scamp takes on all of the “big dogs.”


Chris, the biggest animal lover on the planet. He adores this sweet pup. We’re so happy to be able to love on him and show him what a good life really is. He’ll be off to his forever home in no time.


Timber and Scamp enjoying their first day together.


The stare off. Lucy, our mustang, is the most curious, playful and fearless horse I’ve ever met.


The silliest girl there is! My Shadoe.


Willoughby getting bigger by the day, and more beautiful.


Montana’s state bird, the Meadowlark. She recovered from her collision!


3 thoughts on “May I Always Be The Kind Of Person My Dog Thinks I Am

  1. Lisa Gordon says:

    Bless your hearts for fostering Scamp, and also for helping the little Meadowlark recover from her accident.
    It sounds like things are in “full swing” for you, and wonderfully so. I am sure it is more work than I can imagine, but also so rewarding, and so exciting.

    Have a wonderful rest of your week!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Chelsea Lyn Drake says:

      Lisa, we aim to be a “failed foster,” meaning we’ll totally be keeping one of these sweet pups. We have a mighty good feeling about our upcoming gal this weekend. More on that later 🙂 It’s a good, good life. Thank you, have a wonderful week as well!


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