Into The Wilds Of Love, We Go

“The love between humans is the thing that nails us to this earth.”
― Ann Patchett, This Is the Story of a Happy Marriage

Sitting here, home from our honeymoon and waiting for the heat to fall beyond the Bitterroots, I’m scrambling for the right words to describe these last few weeks, and struggling. I’ve written about our wedding day in my head, over and over. June 24th was my most searched weather forecast. It was lists on my computer, on sticky notes, on my phone, in text messages to Chris. It was a day I’d prayed for and hoped for, prepared for, right up until time swept me sideways and had me hugging friends and family in our driveway – moments I’d already done in my mind a million times before this day.

And so it was a clear blue big sky day in Stevensville, Montana the day I married Christopher. As if by magic, our finished barn stood tall above nearly one hundred guests and the man my father found six years prior, by complete chance, told our story in a way no one else ever could. My mother walked me down the aisle, our dogs wandered around passing out love, tears almost choked us on our words. We bowed our heads and prayed for our future and today we wear rings the way most married couples do. We danced, we ate, we danced, we held tight and fast to everything at once.

I think that’s the struggle with writing about a day of this magnitude – it’s as universal as McDonalds but yet I beg my fingers to tell it differently, say it in a way that’ll make you feel the love and magic, kind of life telling a joke you can’t quite remember the sequence of. Anyway, there is a story I share every Father’s Day – Nobody’s Son – about an author whose father had died. It’s probably my favorite story, ever, and it’s terrifically sad in the way that makes me appreciate how a universal truth can suddenly drop a pin on a specific life in specific time. Mark Slouka writes, “It doesn’t get more ordinary than that – the dying part, at least. Except that he was my father.” 

I won’t try to drop a pin today. Instead, I’ll leave you with these photos of our day and our post wedding trip to Glacier National Park and our honeymoon shortly after, to Yellowstone National Park and Kelly, Wyoming. The beauty of these days, like our love, is undeniable, unescapable, unwavering.

Wedding Day.jpg

PC: JENuine Photography

Wedding Day 2.jpg

PC: JENuine Photography


Boat ride on Lake McDonald in Glacier National Park


Old Faithful!


Bull Elk sighting right off the roadway in Yellowstone


Golden Eagle spotted in Kelly, WY while ATV riding


#yellowstoneexperience #animalsfromcars


The falls at the Yellowstone Canyon


The Grand Tetons still sporting their white caps


Moose on the loose, outside of Jackson, WY – first bull moose sighting!


Soda Lake


That Wyoming sunset…


Two grizzlies at the bear & wolf sanctuary right before the West Entrance of Yellowstone


6 thoughts on “Into The Wilds Of Love, We Go

  1. HELEN AGRO says:

    Beautiful day.
    Beautiful bride and groom.
    Beautiful wedding.
    So glad I shared the experience with you and Chris.
    And those pics of your honeymoon…. breathless!!!


  2. Kathleen Nott says:

    I got chills while reading this. Your wedding looked amazing, as did you. You dad would be so proud of the wonderful woman you’ve become and the beautiful life you have. I always look forward to reading your posts, you’re a very good writer. God bless.


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